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Introducing the laryngosponge. A new mouth sponge product used to reduce saliva, water, and blood from entering the throat during an oral surgical procedure, decreasing laryngospasms.

The laryngosponge is an ergonomically designed mouth sponge that fits perfectly between the tongue and teeth creating a seal. This mouth sponge is super absorbent, decreasing fluid going into the throat. This mouth sponge also keeps the tongue out of the surgical field decreasing laryngospasms.

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How to Use the Laryngosponge

Directions: Hydrate Laryngosponge with water and squeeze out. Sterilize if indicated. Place the Laryngosponge between tongue and teeth creating a seal to the pharynx. Squeeze out and reposition the Laryngosponge if saturated or when starting the other side. Dispose when finished. Mouth sponges are non-sterile. Mouth sponges are single use only! Can be used for every tooth extraction type, decreases aspiration, excellent as an oral surgery sponge and as a tooth extraction sponge. Mouth sponges are non-sterile.

green-arrow Don't do another extraction without the laryngosponge!
green-arrow Tired of hitting the gauze with the burr? Never again have splatter when using the laryngosponge.
green-arrow Decrease laryngospasms with the laryngosponge.
green-arrow Keep the tongue back while you decrease spasms!
green-arrow Disposable, inexpensive, protection against aspiration and laryngospasms!
green-arrow Absorbent, easy to use.
green-arrow Squeeze out after the first side and use for the second side.
green-arrow Hydrate and place on tray to sterilize before use.
green-arrow Have you ever caught the tongue or the gauze with your drill? Never again with the laryngosponge!
green-arrow Avoid the chasm and prevent a spasm!
green-arrow A perfect fit and easy to use

Perfect for extractions in awake or sedated patients.  USE ONE FOR EVERY EXTRACTION!

(How to use the Laryngosponge)



Creates a fluid seal
Highly absorbent
Protects the tongue from the drill
Decreases laryngospasms
Squeezes out when saturated or for the other side


Poor fluid barrier
Easily saturated
Gets caught in the drill causing splatter
Leaks blood, irrigation, and saliva
Must be replaced often, delaying the procedure

User is responsible for appropriate use and will hold Millcreek Services, LLC harmless for all liability.

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I have been using the laryngosponge for the last couple of months and have been very impressed with how well it protects the airway. I was trained using gauze and cotton sponges. The laryngosponge is better in every way. Not only does it retract the tongue away, but it handles a lot of fluid and virtually eliminates the possibility of aspiration or ingestion of teeth or fragments of teeth. There was a small learning curve of proper placement but it is worth every penny. - Dr. J. Brown Utah Oral Surgeon



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